Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Truffula Trees

Room 15 have been painting Truffula Trees (from the Lorax) to put up in the Tranquillity Garden. We practised drawing them and then painted them onto hardboard. Today we finished them off, by putting swirls on them. They look fantastic!

Addison and Monika with their Truffula Treee.

Angelah and Jade with their red Truffula tree.

Xavier and Kevin with their blue Truffula Tree.

Jacob and Jagger had fun painting their tree.

Eloise and Monique loved their pink and purple Truffula Tree.

Sasha and Krisha did a great job.

Hunter and Paige worked really well together.

Emma and Olivia worked on one of the larger trees.

Shazia and Cathy did a lovely job on their Truffula Tree.

Luke and Oliver finished their tree off really well.

Jaykuz and Chazz had lots of fun painting.

Cody and Max worked on one of the larger trees.

Kain and Isaac really enjoyed painting their yellow Truffula Tree.

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome idea Room 15 and Mrs.Hall. I look forward to coming and seeing your Truffula trees in the Tranquillity garden.