Saturday, 6 September 2014

Persuasive Writing

This term we have been concentrating on persuasive writing. We have been writing to try and convince others to our way of thinking. The main points included in our success criteria are below, we had to ensure that our writing included these points:

  • An introduction that states what I am writing about and what my opinion is.
  • Reasons why my opinion is correct.
  • Examples of my reasons.
  • Emotive language.
  • Words likes: Firstly, Next, Finally.
  • A conclusion.
This is Luke's piece of persuasive writing about Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs!

Why Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs!
By Luke McGaughey

Are amazing cats better than dumb dogs? Yeah they are!
Everybody in the world should have a pet cat.

First of all, everyone should have a pet cat because they are smarter than dogs. They are smarter because they use their whiskers to measure things so they can get through small places, like tunnels, holes and cat doors. They can hide in really good places and keep safe. They will be safe because they will be hiding very quietly and no one will notice where they are hiding.

Secondly, cats are better because they play with yarn. They are also fun because when you rub their tunny they roll over. They are fun because when you go hunting, you can bring your cat with you so it will be easier.

Last of all, cats are the worlds best pets because, they are life savers. They are life savers because they are very brave. They are brave because a cat saved a child's life because a dog was attacking him, and the cat scared the dog away. It was just like in the movies. Cats claws can climb trees and save peoples lives. Their teeth allow them to bite people that are trying to hurt their owners.

This is why cats are better pets than dogs.


  1. Have to tell you Linda, Xavier did well in his persuasive writing, so well he got his "action world" day. Great exercise for them, however now he tries lots of

  2. That's great Callena, I'm so glad that he see the benefits of learning this style of writing.