Friday, 27 February 2015

Lyrics - Cat in the Hat

THE CAT IN THE HAT SONG - Written by Isla Noakes

This is a story ‘bout the Cat in the Hat
Mum had gone out, not sure when she would be back?
Next thing they knew there was a knock at the door.
What should they do? They weren’t very sure?  Aaaaaahh

The places you’ll go, when you live on this Earth.
You have brains in your head, steer direction you’ll swerve.
Some decisions you make, may be wrong, may be right
We learn from them all, trust your gut some times.

Would you open the door for him?
Will you trust in your own within?
Could you, would you? Let him in? 
Why not? Just this once?  (spoken) 

You did it again, you let that naughty cat in
He wrecked your Mum’s house, caused
destruction and din.
Your fish said – no no, please stop all this now!
We all make mistakes, what’s the path you’ll take now??????

Take OWNERSHIP for the mess that you caused.
RESPECT for my Mum, when she walks through the door.
HONESTY, TRUTH will save all my wrongs ------
COMPASSION for all, I will even the score--------

Would you open the door  for him?
Will you trust in your own within?
Could you, would you?     let him in? 
Not this time!


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