Friday, 8 May 2015

Internet Use

This afternoon we learnt a valuable lesson.

The class was given a task to research and find out about the Pacific Northwest Tree Climbing Octopus. The link below is the website we looked at first.

We skimmed and scanned the website and shared as a whole class the most amazing facts that we could find. The children used the website well and did summarise all of the main points. The only point they were unable to find was that the Pacific Northwest Tree Climbing Octopus actually is not real.

After many exclaims of horror, they started to see the valuable message that I was trying to portray.

DO NOT believe everything that you read on the Internet.

It is very important that you clarify your information and check that it is from a reliable source.

We were working so very well, relating to others and participating and contributing (Key Competencies). Here are the children working hard researching this mysterious creature.

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