Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Critical and Creative Maths Thinking

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go on a Maths Course. The course was on Critical and Creative Thinking in Maths. Instead of having a black and white questions with only one answer, the task is to ask open ended questions that could have a number of different answers, with the children sharing and justifying their answers.

Sounds strange, doesn't it?

Here is an example: 

A shape is more like shape A than shape B. 
What would it look like?
Shape A
Shape B

As you can see, there are endless possibilities. You just need to justify your answer.

I gave another question to the Array Maths Group, this is it. 
See if you can work it out.

They worked well together and shared ideas. They have not given up.

The process has clarified their understanding of area and perimeter and the relationship these two have on each other.

Can you solve it before they can?

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