Friday, 29 August 2014

Fraction Friday

Today for maths, we were learning how to order fractions.

We all started with one whole chocolate bar (unfortunately we only had a piece of paper, pretending to be a chocolate bar). 

The children had to decide how they were going to share their chocolate bar. They could share it among 2 people - halves, 3 people - thirds, 4 people - quarters, 6 people - sixths, 10 people - tenths etc.

 Once everyone had shared their whole chocolate bars, we came back together to see who would have the largest piece.

We placed the fraction pieces on the mat and sorted them from the largest fraction piece to the smallest. 

The largest piece was our whole chocolate bar and our smallest piece was our tenth.

Clever Sasha spotted that as the denominator got bigger, the piece of chocolate (or fraction) got smaller. Nice spotting Sasha.

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