Sunday, 16 November 2014

Narrative Writing

This term we have been learning how to write exciting narrative stories. We have learnt what information we need to include in our stories and how to make them more interesting for our audience to read. We have been writing our own stories, making up the characters, scene, problem and finding a resolution and an ending to our stories. We are in the process of editing them and getting them ready to publish.

This is Emma's narrative:
One sunny Monday, there was a little cottage in the dark woods. It is made of purple and pink bricks and has chairs and tables outside. It was owned by a very smart 11 year old girl called Hayley.
She loved to write fiction books. She has a purple T-shirt, brown hair, tan skin, pink shoes and a blue skirt.

One afternoon when Hayley was walking home from primary school to write a new book, she saw there was no more paper left and Hayley had just brought a new bach of paper. Hayley thought someone had been stealing it, but who?

This had been happening since last year, but this year it started to really annoy her. This time she put out spy cameras. The next day when she went to her publishers house, she set up the cameras. When she came home, she checked her spy cameras to see what had happened while she was gone. When she saw the person stealing her paper, she thought she recognised him. His name was Jackson and his job was to type out the running records. For Jackson's job they needed 100 pieces of paper in a day and so did Hayley, but it was her paper.

Hayley just remembered that Jackson's job earned more money than Hayley's job paid, so why did Jackson steal paper that didn't belong to him? Jackson was very rich and so was his family and his company was also very rich as well. It just didn't feel right thought Hayley. So this time, she disguised herself to look like one of Jackson's work mates. Jackson thought that he would take Hayley out for lunch, because he did not know it was her. When they went for lunch Hayley remembered one of her science experiments that could change someones brain. So Hayley put some brain changing tablets in Jackson's food. The brain changing tablets made him die. Hayley never told anyone.

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