Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Inquiry - La Tomatina

This term we have been studying festivals. We had being finding out about La Tomatina. This is a Spanish festival which involves tomato throwing, it is now the largest food fight in the world. The children have been developing games which involve "tomatoes". We have created the games and are presenting them by the way of a poster, so that we can share them with others in our class as well as with other classes in the Middle school.

This term we have also learnt about Solo Taxonomy, this is a Thinking Tool which is helping us to expand our ideas and thoughts. These are the Solo Taxonomy steps:

We have also been busy using the devices in our classroom. To help explain the rules of our games, we have made videos which show others how to set up our games, the aim of our games and how to play our games. We have added these to our posters using QR Codes.

This is an example of our QR Codes. Scan the QR Code below to see the instructions to the La Throw-a-tina Game:
What a busy, yet fun term we have had, now we have only a couple of weeks left, sad and exciting times are ahead.

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