Sunday, 14 June 2015

Literacy Projects

Over the next two weeks, we will be completing some literacy projects. 
Each reading group has a different project.
Sneetches Group - Will be completing a project relating to Dragons, based on the book "Dragon's Diary".
Hortons Group - Will be completing a Science Project relating to water, based on the book "Water, Water, Everywhere".
Grinchs Group - Will be completing a project investigating our Solar System, based on the book "Interview with an Astronomer".
Lorax Group - Will be completing a project relating to Castle and Dungeons, based on the book "Dungeons of Castle Crag".

The children will either work by themselves or with a buddy. The Hortons and Grinches have been introduced to their project. 
The Grinches have decided to study planets in our solar system. We have discussed which planets the children are going to study and started to gather facts about our planets. We then quickly discussed ways that we could present our findings back to the class and found these pictures to help us from 2013 ... recognise anyone!

More to come, keep watching this space.

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