Wednesday, 29 July 2015


This term we are concentrating on our gymnastic skills.

We are working from the following areas, within the NZ Curriculum:
A2 Regular physical activity • Maintain regular participation in enjoyable physical activities in a range of environments and describe how these assist in the promotion of well-being.
A3 Safety management • Identify risks and their causes and describe safe practices to manage these.
B1 Movement skills • Develop more complex movement sequences and strategies in a range of situations. B2 Positive attitudes • Develop movement skills in challenging situation.

We are working on five different apparatus:
Mats for forward rolls and candle sticks rolls.
The Balance Beams - of various heights.
Mats for backward rolls.
Beat board for free style jumps.
Beat board for vault jumps.

This is Room 23 in action yesterday:

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