Sunday, 26 July 2015

Paper Plane Competition - Cause and Effect

This week we have started to read and write about "Cause and Effect". Each reading group has been reading and discussing the cause and effects in their stories. We have also started to write about the Causes and Effects of Deforestation. 

The Lorax reading group was reading an article about the New Zealand Rocketery Association and a boy called Matthew who made his own rocket at home. This lead to a discussion on the causes that make rockets either fly further, turn and travel higher than others. We also discussed the effects of changing certain features of the rocket - different shape, structure, length, features or using different materials.

This discussion lead us to our paper plane competition ... 

On Friday we decided to test some of these theories that we had discussed. Thanks to Ben, who organised the sign up list and the different competition categories.

Sydney was adding on an additional feature, a longer tail.

Anna was working with Olivia.

Nadija and Nadia researching the perfect paper plane.

Navneet thinks she has the smallest.

Kayla is researching how to make her plane fly the longest distance.

First Competition - The plane that can fly the longest distance.

Well done Kayla and Navneet! Their plane flew the longest distance.

Congratulations Kevin! His plane could fly the highest.

Well done Ben and Quinn! Their plane had the most endurance - stayed in the air the longest.

Congratulations Brooke! Her plane could perform the best tricks.

Hopefully you can see Josh's plane. His plane was the smallest plane that flew.

A congratulations also must go to Mr Merrit, for his circular plane, that flew the longest distance up side down.

Well done to everyone for participating in Friday afternoon's competition. 

Looking at the Key Competencies in the NZ Curriculum - we covered a number of areas today.

Thinking - Using our Problem Solving skills to improve the performance of our planes and to make them perform specific tasks.
Relating to Others - We were working with others and combining knowledge.
Managing Ourselves - Managed our time and resources and were resilient when things didn't go as planned.
Participating and Contribution - Everyone participate in the afternoon, some contributed to the competitions by being judges.

It was an enjoyable, fun and learning packed afternoon.

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