Friday, 30 May 2014

Cathy's Amazing Adventure

To we had an email from Cathy, she is spending about 6 weeks in China.

"Hi mrs hall and Room 15 sorry for Emailing you late,How is the class going ok  Room15 and Mrs Hall ,do you what to meet my family  and two dogs in china.This is the photo of one the dogs I will send you a couple more photos. the dog that is siting on a cushion she is pregnant next month she going to have a pappy, And these are some photos of  my family. The photo with one dog was 2 year before"
"Mrs hall on Monday 26 th of may I am going Chinese school do you now that every Chinese school Serbs you lunch every day but it is not free you have to pay for it ."

We wrote a response back to Cathy, as we had lots of questions for her ...

Dear Cathy,
We really enjoyed your lovely photos and comments. We have some questions:
What floor are you staying on? It looks very high!
What are the dogs names? They are very cute.
What is the name of your school? Are you enjoying going there?
What sort of things have you seen so far? Have you seen any bamboo or pandas?
What has the weather been like there? Our weather has been very cold, it was zero degrees the other morning and we had a frost all over the ground.
What yummy food have you been eating? We made a chocolate slice and then gave it away to helpers around the school. We really appreciate the work that they do for us.
We are wondering what the money is like in China? Is it the same as ours?
Why don't you have a look at our blog and see what we have been up to while you have been away.
We really miss you.
Room 15

We can't wait to hear back from Cathy and hear all the interesting things that she is doing. I was lovely getting an email.

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