Saturday, 10 May 2014

Maths Lesson - Week 1, Term 2

Welcome back. We have got straight back into learning this week. We are working hard on our basic facts as part of our maths warm up. We are working on our accuracy (getting more and more correct each time) and our efficiency (working out our basic facts faster and faster). This term, we will be learning strategies to help solve multiplication and division problems.

Concentrating hard on our basic facts.

After completing our basic facts, we are reflecting on whether our accuracy and efficiency is improving. We are getting better, however we will keep practising to get ever better.

This term we will be working on some multiplication and division strategies. One group this week was understanding that multiplication and division are opposites. We were working out the family of facts for 5x8. Sasha then spotted another strategy to use. She used the doubling and halving strategy to change 5x8 into 10x4 to work out her answer. Well done Sasha!

This week we also learnt a new game, Buzz. This will help us with our skip counting. Today we played Buzz using multiples of 5. 


  1. A lot of excellent Maths going on here Mrs.Hall. My children come back each morning so o excited as they reflect on their learning. Well done !

  2. When my children come back from Maths in your class they excitedly reflect on their mornings work ...Well done!