Tuesday, 27 May 2014


As part of Room 15’s procedural writing, we followed a recipe and made Chocolate Slice. We had to follow the recipe and then write our own procedure. We had to make sure that we were accurate and wrote every step in the correct order. If we miss a step, our slice might not turn on very well.

We decided that we would give the slice to some deserving people around the school. These people work really hard every day and we thought it would be nice to thank them and let them know how much we appreciated their hard work. We wrote cards and delivered our packaged goods.
We are so glad that we could make other people happy.

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  1. Good evening Room 15 and Mrs Hall......What a thoughtful, caring class you are!

    You brought a smile to many peoples' faces yesterday and I know that Mr Maindonald was extremely impressed. Mrs. Hall kindly gave me a teeny piece of leftovers Yum!! I am soo proud of you and your thoughtful teacher. Have a great Thursday Love Mrs.M.R.